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MSCEIT Accreditation - Sydney

Measuring emotional intelligence

3-day intensive training


The value of measuring emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly recognised.

Emotional intelligence (EI) lies at the heart of high performance, effectiveness and wellbeing. People who are self-aware and able to manage their and others' emotions have far more impact and capacity to manage stress and complex relationships.  Yet people tend to assess their own EI or others' inaccurately. 

The Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) is the only abilities-based test measuring emotional intelligence. This individual performance measure doesn't give perceived or subjective EI results, it gives results of actual measured EI skills, like an IQ test.

The MSCEIT was developed by Peter Salovey, Jack Mayer and David Caruso, the originators of emotional intelligence theory. 

Widely used in Australia and globally, the MSCEIT model and  tool can be used to:

  • enhance performance in coaching
  • increase the effectiveness of training initiatives
  • help people gain awareness of their emotions and capacity to manage emotions in self and others
  • aid recruitment and talent selection
  • augment counselling intervention

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Participant feedback: Mayer-Salover-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Accreditation, Oct 2012

Anastasia Chye, Senior Manager, Strategy & Projects at Westpac

I finished the MSCEIT accreditation feeling confident in my ability to use my emotions intelligently and very excited by the prospect of applying a new type of thinking that I believe will benefit my colleagues, teams and customers as well as my family and friends. I was greatly inspired by the level of sharing and insights gained over the three days. I had a lot of light bulbs go off and the brightest one for me was the realisation of lost opportunities - how little I use my EI skills and abilities on a day-to-day basis.

What excites me the most is knowing and understanding my personal ability based on the MSCEIT, then imagining the potential for generating positive outcomes for myself and those I interact with through the thoughtful and strategic use of EI in ways that I had never imagined before. I feel my perspective has widened and this has ignited some very positive feelings of possibility when considering all aspects of my life. In being able to better manage my emotions and being more strategic in how I apply the various skills around EI, I have the privilege of being able to create positive interactions for others around me.

I aim to spread my new learnings with my team, colleagues, family and friends through simply talking emotions and encouraging them to do the same. I think there is an intrinsic fear about talking emotions, yet it's about spreading the word that positive and negative emotions do not equate to good or bad emotions. I believe we can have more productive and constructive conversations that produce win-win outcomes and motivate great performance.



Powerful learning

This intensive, specially designed programme will give you an in-depth understanding of the MSCEIT tool and a thorough grounding in how to apply it. 

You will also learn neuroscience and psychology-based research mrevealing why we react emotionally and how these responses can negatively impact relationships, leadership and decision-making.

Highly experiential and fun, the programme will integrate practical tools for developing EI skills and brain-based exercises to engage emotions and widen perspective.

You will have the opportunity to discuss and practice real casestudies and challenges you or your peers may encounter.

You will also discover your own emotional intelligence abilities with a personal assessment, report and debrief.



Tangible outcomes


The focus of this practical programme is empowering you with concrete tools, takeaways and evidence that will give you a professional edge.

You will leave the programme:

  • feeling completely comfortable using and debriefing the MSCEIT tool
  • more skilled at increasing people’s self-awareness and emotional mastery
  • armed with powerful self-leadership and emotional mastery tools you and your clients can apply immediately
  • up-to-date with best-practice strategies and emerging research in the field of emotional intelligence



The MSCEIT tool

Designed to measure abilities that make up emotional intelligence, the test will return feedback in four areas:

  • Perceiving Emotions - your ability to recognise emotions in yourself, in others and the environment
  • Using Emotions - your ability to generate emotions, and use them to enhance reasoning and other cognitive tasks
  • Understanding Emotions - your ability to understand the complexity of emotions and the causes of emotions
  • Managing Emotions - your ability to manage emotions in yourself and others. Managing the way you or others react and respond, particularly in interpersonal interactions and decision making



Expert facilitator


Sue Langley is a renowned master trainer in emotional intelligence. She has extensive experience accrediting professionals and has a thorough understanding of the uses and benefits of all EI tools.

Sue is one of the few master trainers certified directly by the MSCEIT publishers to accredit people to use and debrief this tool. She was among the first professionals in Australia to be certified by co-author David Caruso.



Programme Content 


  •     Background and theory of emotional intelligence
  •     Application of EI in various situations
  •     Development of the MSCEIT tool
  •     Validity and reliability
  •     Administration and ethical test use
  •     Interpretation and debrief


Great value

3-day training programme - $3,500 + GST per person

  • MSCEIT assessment and report
  • Individual 1 hour debrief
  • Training materials, lunches and refreshment


Group discounts: Get 10% off the full fee when 2 or more register, save $350 per person.


Places are limited to 12 people and fill fast.

The Sydney programme is being held on Monday 30th March to Wednesday 1st April 2015.  Register your interest now. 

Discounts and referal vouchers are available.

  • If you refer someone who signs up to the programme we’ll send you a voucher for 10% off future EIW open programmes
  • If you enrol and bring a colleague you’ll both get 10% off the course fee
  • Book three places and you get the fourth one free



To reserve your place on this programme, please register below. You will receive an invoice with options for payment. A deposit is needed to secure your place with full payment required 14 days prior to the programme.

Your registration will be confirmed in writing. If you do not receive written confirmation within one week of your registration, please contact us at

By registering you agree to our terms and conditions. If you are unable to attend please advise us in writing. The following cancellation fees apply:

  • Advanced notice of more than 30 days - transfer to an alternative programme or a full refund, unless pre-work has been completed, then a $600 fee will apply. The place may be transferred to another person at no cost if pre-work has not been completed. Transfer to another programme will be dependant on availability and our discretion
  • 30 days - 25% cancellation fee
  • Two weeks - 50% cancellation fee
  • Within one week - 100% cancellation fee


Venue: Cliftons Sydney
Starting: 8:30 AM
Monday 30th March 2015
Ending: 5:30 PM
Wednesday 1st April 2015
Phone Enquiries: +612 9399 3989
Email Enquiries:
Duration: Three-day programme

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